Why Choose Rowe-Clark

We are excited to carry on the Noble tradition of the Noble Way with a Rowe-Clark emphasis on Math and Science. At Rowe-Clark, our mission is to prepare students for college graduation and purposeful citizenship by exhibiting ambitious scholarship, self-discipline, honorable character, and a fit lifestyle. 

It is our focus on hard work, student achievement and success that has allowed Rowe-Clark to continually earn a place as one of the top schools in the city of Chicago.  It is this same focus and drive for continual improvement that will allow Rowe-Clark to serve it’s students into the future.

Our Partnerships

Due to our strong relationships with the Rowe family, Clark family, Exelon, and ComEd, Rowe-Clark students have had numerous opportunities.  

Previous Highlights Include:

  • Marj Rabba- Israel Trip for 5 seniors
  • Regular field trips to the Chicago History Museum, Shakespeare Theater, the Field Museum, and other Chicago sites. 
  • Incoming Freshmen receive a graphing calculator and Rowe-Clark bag
  • Rowe Family and Exelon Scholarship Program-Scholarship given to graduating seniors
  • Male and female life coach mentoring program
  • The creation of the History Book Club
  • Summer Internship Opportunities for students

Our Music Program

Music elective classes at Rowe-Clark are designed to teach students the values of the art form through performance, creativity, theory and musical history. Although classes have a World Music approach (complete with steel drums, hand drums, keyboards and marimba to name a few), classes vary in musical styles. In the past, students have performed music by Kanye West, Beethoven, Leonard Bernstein, the Beatles, Tito Puente, Daft Punk, and the Jackson 5 to name a few. Presentations use multi-media applications using state-of-the art programs such as Garageband, iMovie and samplers.

Students are taught the fundamentals of music reading and applying musical knowledge to instruments and performing concerts at Rowe-Clark. All music is custom arranged and directed by our teacher, Mr. Doug Corella. Mr. Corella holds a Bachelors of Music Education from Central Michigan University and is a recording artist/former member of the critically acclaimed Robert Hohner Percussion Ensemble (DMP label) and 1990's multiplatinum selling band, the Verve Pipe (RCA records).

The following music/video was written, directed, and performed by Rowe-Clark Students. 

Our Robust Sports Program

Rowe-Clark not only offers traditional sports such as basketball and football, but students have the opportunity to participate in other sports of interest including boxing and rugby. 


  • Andres Garduno, Valedictorian of Class of 2011, was titled Golden Glove Champion at the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament in 2011.   
  • Girls Rugby team- undefeated champions for three consecutive years (2009/10-2011/12)

Our College Mindset

From day one, Rowe-Clark students learn to think about the end in mine.  At Rowe-Clark, we strive for each student to not only graduate from high school, but to graduate from a college or university.  Besides rigorous ACT preparation and  taking the collegiate seminar senior year, students have the opportunity to participate in Summer of a Lifetime and Field Trips. 

Summer of a Lifetime- Sponsored by the Right Angle Foundation

Right Angle works to send Noble's typically low-income students to pre-collegiate programs at prestigious universities across the country to expose them to the college experience during their high school career. Most students experience a “summer of a lifetime” during the summers after their sophomore and junior years. Right Angle provides the financial and moral support that enables this experience, making it all possible. This summer school experience is the spark that motivates students to attend college while they still have two or more years left in high school and a chance to change the trajectory of their future.

Previous Rowe-Clark students have studied at Stanford University, Princeton University, Arizona University, UCLA-Santa Barbara, and many more. For more information, visit the Right Angle website. 

right angle

College/University Field Trips

On multiple occasions, students from all grade levels visit various college and universities to get an idea of college life.  These experiences introduce our students to the culture and atmosphere different campuses offer.