Extracurricular Activities

At Rowe-Clark, we believe in the development of renaissance people and that the cultivation of an individual lasts a lifetime.

A well-rounded student should excel in more than just academics. A student needs to embrace arts, athletics, literature, and other joys of the creative human experience.  We encourage all students to become scholar-athletes.  We want students to find the joy in artistic expression be it through percussions and music performance,  dancing or art creation in seminar, and essay or poetry writing in the humanities. We want students to understand how there is discovery and expression in math and science. At Rowe-Clark, being a good student opens the doors to revealing one’s true self.

 In addition to our extracurricular activies, students take electives that include:  PE or Marine Corps JROTC, Yoga, Music, Visual Arts,  Literature for Leadership, Act Prep, or College Writing lab. See below for more information.



other enrichment programs