As coaches, players, and fans of sport, we witness incredible feats of grace, strength ,and skill. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to see a collection of disparate individuals transform into a “oneness” where all the players become one team unified in positive and direct action. However, as aficionados of athletic competition, we also observe weaknesses of humanity: the exaggerated ego who puts personal satisfaction above the needs of the team or the win-at-all-costs player who would chose to cheat rather than possibly lose. With so much that sport has to offer, we must appreciate what it can give and be careful of what it can take away.

At Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy, we cherish positive aspects of athletics that allow our young people to work successfully together on a team, establish and meet team and personal goals, and practice respect to all people connected with the sporting activity (e.g. self, teammates, opponents, all coaches, referees, and fans). 
The primary goal of a player on a team at Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy is not to become a professional in sports; rather, the main goal is for the participant is to become a scholar-athlete who cherishes personal and team success both on the athletic field and in the classroom. Students and coaches will not be taken from classes to attend sporting events. Students who are struggling in their academic pursuit will be allowed to practice, but not compete, with the team. The most dedicated scholar-athletes are the ones who make the team and start the games. At Rowe-Clark, sports do not trump education. Rather, athletics and academics work together toward the positive goal of strengthening the minds and bodies of our young people.
The following sports are offered: