Core Programs

All programming at Rowe-Clark is designed to align with the Noble pillars of: Scholarship, Discipline & Honor. 

To strengthen the academic potential of our scholars the Rowe-Clark campus:

  • 2,000 minutes of instructional time per week
  • A rigorous core of English, literature, math, science and social studies for all students
  • Summer college programs around the country
  • Extracurricular academic enrichment courses after school and on weekends. Examples include: Robotics and Dance. 

To help build the discipline of students the Rowe-Clark campus offers:

  • A variety of athletics, including basketball, soccer, and baseball
  • Student-led Town Hall presentations, which can address community issues or showcase student work in a school wide assembly.
  • Rigorous physical education program which includes fitness requirements to pass to the next grade

To help further the extent to which our students honor the community the Rowe-Clark campus offers:

  • A four year commitment to community service
  • Community service requirements to pass to the next grade
  • Town Halls in which the community is welcome
  • Clubs and co-curriculars that focus on bettering the community
  • Parent involvement during and after school
  • Awareness of the local and greater community built into academic classes