Before/After School Programming

Rowe-Clark offers several programs before and after school to supplement the educational day of our students. 

Office Hours

From 4:15 p.m.through 5:30 p.m., our students can choose to attend office hours for individual teachers from Monday-Thursday.  Each teacher has school office hours at least one day per week in the mornings and evenings. Students can attend to receive additional instruction or help on specific assignments.


If a student does not complete their assigned homework and turn it in the day it is due, the student will receive LaSalle from their teacher and be required to attend a teacher’s office hours that same day from 4:15 p.m.-5:30 p.m. LaSalle was created and implemented to reinforce that the student’s day is not over until everything due has been completed and if they have problems or questions on an assignment, they have the means to receive help.

Enrichment Classes and Sports

Enrichment classes are offered throughout semester 1 and semester 2 and are usually non-traditional courses. These classes are taken outside of the normal school day.  These classes change semester to semester and students can gain enrichment credits through these classes, which are necessary for promotion from grade to grade.

Sports: Rowe-Clark offers different sports from fall to winter to spring.  Practices and games are often held before and  after school and students must be in good academic standing to participate. 

More information about enrichment classes and sports can be found under the extracurricular activities tab.

extracurricular activities