Meet our Students


Class of 2014

Chasity is a part of the Class of 2014.  In the summer of 2012, she will be attending the University of Maryland to study Psychology.  She also participates in Cheerleading and Academic Bowl every year.  Outside of school, she has been studying and performing ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance.  Upon graduation in 2014, she hopes to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and study Psychology with a concentration in Theater. 

“Rowe-Clark is home away from home.  They teach us teamwork on a daily basis.  They offer a great support system that allows me to be successful.  Without Rowe-Clark, I would have missed out on potential opportunities.”- Chasity




Class of 2014
Jamal is a part of the Class of 2014. He will be the first person to graduate from high school in family in 2014.  He is in the Oakford advisory.  During the school year, he participates in Cheerleading, Drill Team, Debate, Academic Bowl, Dubois Society, and Life Coaches.  Upon graduation in 2014, he hopes to study at Harvard University and study Business, Economics, and Financing. 
"Rowe-Clark is a second chance. Some of us struggle when we come into Rowe-Clark because it is strict.  Any other school would have considerd us (students) a lost-cause, but not Rowe-Clark.  Rowe-Clark never gives up on you.  Rowe-Clark gives you a second chance to get back on the right track." -Jamal


More student profiles to come.