History & Campus Partnerships

Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy is a campus of the Noble Network of Charter Schools in Chicago, IL. We opened our doors on August 20, 2007 to our first Freshman class.   Today, we have 580 students grades 9th through 12th.  In 2011, 100% of our first graduating seniors were accepted into different colleges. 

Rowe-Clark was named for the generosity of John and Jeanne Rowe and Frank and Vera Clark along with the gracious support of Exelon. Their commitment to high quality education is astounding. The Rowes and Clarks are actively involved at Rowe-Clark, often attending school wide activities, sporting events, and student led town hall performances and class discussions.

2011-2012 Highlights Include: 

  • New Exelon Gymnasium Opening thanks to the generosity of the Rowes and Clarks.  
  • Hiring 10 Exelon and ComEd Summer Interns
  • Robotics Program Grant from Exelon- Finished 3rd at State Competition

For more information on our sponsors visit ComEd and Exelon.

Each year, more than half of the sophomore class studies in summer programs at the University of Michigan, the University of Arizona, Stanford, and many more. Rowe-Clark graduates are attending schools from the University of Illinois, UIC, Pomona, Carleton, and many more. And, most importantly, every day 580 hard working students walk through the doors of Rowe-Clark ready to do the work necessary to make their dreams, and their families’ dreams for them, come true.

Our students engage in a rigorous, four-year college preparatory curriculum preparing them for college success.  Every Rowe-Clark student takes the equivalent of eight years of Math, six years of English, four years of lab sciences, and four years of social sciences.  We also proudly offer intensive instruction in a foreign language, AP courses, physical education, and a host of electives to enhance our student’s educational experience.  Our main goal is to prepare all students to graduate from the college of their choice through a laser focus on academic excellence and a whole lot of hard work.


Rowe-Clark ended its inaugural year earning a top ten ranking of open enrollment schools for students’ ACT test scores in the city of Chicago and continues to rank among the top schools in the city. We continue to achieve improved growth among our students and our ACT scores are among the rise. 

Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy Scholarship Opportunities

The Clark Family, Rowe Family, and Exelon Foundation generously support Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy alumni with the financial resources to attend best-fit match or reach colleges.  The purpose of these scholarships is to ensure that all Rowe-Clark Alumni make it to and through colleges to attain associates and bachelors degrees.  These scholarship funds are available to any alum who applies during their senior year of high school, and they are renewable annually.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact our college team at Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy.

Apply for the Clark Family, Rowe Family, or Exelon Scholarships here: